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Dec 3, 2017

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GST officials catch massive tax fraud of Rs 2,350 crore, fake invoices, ITC claims​

The GST Intelligence has spotted yet another case of fraud related to the utilization and passing on of ineligible Input Tax Credit (ITC), with bogus invoices. The GST officials have arrested three persons involved in massive frauds involving GST amounting to over Rs 2350 crores, said a statement by the Ministry of Finance. The official found that Sachin Bhoruka, Director/Partner in various firms such as Erman Metals, Pioneer Trading, Marshal Multiventures, etc, was arrested for availing ITC amounting to Rs 485.64 crore and passing on fictitious Input Tax Credit amounting to Rs 485.55 crore. Thus, the total quantum of the fraud committed involved GST amounting to Rs 971.19 crores.

In a parallel investigation, another person Mahesh Kinger, authorised aignatory of Blue Sea Commodities and Director of Theme Lights was also found engaged in the fraudulent availment and utilization, as well as passing on of ineligible ITC on the basis of bogus invoices issued and received without actual supply of any goods or services. These entities had availed ineligible ITC amounting to Rs 580.23 Crores and had passed on ineligible ITC amounting to Rs 579.76 crores. The total quantum of the fraud committed involved a GST of nearly Rs 1,159.99 crores.

Further, the GST officers arrested Deepak Kumar Prajapati, Director of Udyog Kiran Ltd due to a similar fraud. The subsequent investigations revealed that Prajapati had set up an intricate web of over 22 firms that indulged in circular trading for the purpose of artificially inflating their turnover so as to avail higher bank loans and credit facilities. Based on the investigation conducted till date, it has been noticed that the firms operated Prajapati had passed on bogus ITC amounting to nearly Rs 126 crores, and have availed ITC amounting to R. 94 crores, taking the total fraud amount to R. 220.
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Mar 15, 2018
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