Indian Defence Exports






We are becoming a serious player in defence exports market:



I think the plan for now is to charter private transporters to transport weapons to Armenia. The photos here show an Il-78 of the Russian "Gelix Airline". This plane is probably carrying Akash AD missiles for Armenia.

Our defence exports are in the range of single digit billions USD right now. Once it gets to double digits we can get dedicated planes for this task. Maybe ex-Air India or ex-Indigo Boeing & Airbus aircrafts.
This is old news. India exported of 20 units of Hermes 900 UAV to Israel some time back. Wonder why it is being raked up again in Arab news portals. Is there another batch of UAV exports on the horizon?

Uproar in India over fears of Hyderabad-made killer drones use in Gaza

From the article:
“As a citizen I would like to demand that it cease all ties with Israel, especially the military. It should completely declare the deal between Adani and Elbit as void.......”

Sure buddy, sure. That's how foreign policy works.
The Argentine Army’s 24th Mechanized Infantry Regiment recently conducted exercises in the rugged Patagonia region. One soldier was pictured equipped with an AT4 anti-tank launcher, showcasing the potential integration of motorcycles into various tactical combat scenarios. The motorcycle used is the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 sporting Argentine army's camo.

Photos released by the Argentine Army.
Delighted to inform everyone that the Indian Defence Exports have scaled to unprecedented heights and crossed Rs 21000 crore mark for the first time in the history of Independent India! India’s defence exports have recahed to the level of Rs.21,083 Crore in the financial year 2023-24 which is a spectacular growth of 32.5% over the previous fiscal.