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Dec 19, 2017
PM Modi inaugurates defence office complexes for 7000 employees

Nearly 7,000 officials of the Defence Ministry will soon move into the new office complexes from their existing workplaces in pre-Independence era hutments in and around the Raisina Hills.


The new office complexes have been described as smart buildings that are environment-friendly.


PM Modi said the defence office complexes are the manifestation of changing work culture and priorities of the government.

What smart building? Even the door is not semi automatic and no emergency exit signs. Or no signs for manual fire extinguisher , no emergency lights, no illuminated department boards. What is this absurdity?
Abey itna exam clear kar ke atey hai , jha*t bhar ki akal nahi inme :mad: .


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Jul 30, 2021

Konkurs-M 9M113M Has Become Mainstay Of #IndianArmy ATGMs Which Is Licensed Made In India And Being Used Extensively At #LOC And The Focus Is Also High In Training Via Simulators Also Now Equipped With Thermal Sights For Night Operations. Konkurs-M known by NATO : AT-5B Spandrel B Tandem warhead with extended explosive probe. The warhead penetration is 750–800 mm vs RHA. Adopted in 1991. Missile 9M113M 1990. Tandem 800 mm behind a layer of ERA at 4,000 ms.
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May 14, 2021

New Delhi: The Indian Army is likely to get independent communication satellite capability very shortly. The Rs 4,000 crore project involves having two indigenously developed and built satellites and once they are delivered, one will be in the air with a spare also available. Currently, the army was having to share satellite facilities with the Navy and Air Force.

As it will be indigenous, it will be in tune with the country's atmanirbharata ethos. It will also ensure no need for long-drawn acquisition processes.

Having an independent satellite will have several major benefits:

1. It will ensure the Army unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have the ability to be more useful over longer distances.

2. The Army's vast array of radio communication equipment could come under a single platform.

3. It could be a help at a time the Army is shifting to satellite radio and in the future, software-defined radios.

In the recent past, the Army has tried the Mobile Communication Cellular Service in the 15 and 16 Corps areas of Jammu and Kashmir and also, in the 3 Corps area in the North-East. The Army, of course, has ASCON, the static network.

Ankit Kumar

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Nov 30, 2017
Navy has GSAT 7 and it's replacement GSAT 7R is in works.

Airforce has GSAT 7A. IAF plans to operate 2 such satellites. So GSAT 7C is also planned.

GSAT 6A was for Army but was a failed mission. A dedicated one for Army is planned.
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