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Something very fishy

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India-Canada trade is peanuts and Canadian FDI is the same. Only thing that can hurt India is restrictions to student and work visas for Indian citizens. Let's see how this plays out.
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Now, I feel like this is somewhat correct.

Unlike any other targeted killings, Trudeau has a political motive to make it public. Otherwise, this was part of regular intelligence sharing. The US intelligence network is vast and highly capable.

The Indian MEA came out swinging the bat because of the same reason. They are aware of the evidence. Obviously, it is not admissible in court. It is all a public spectacle. Since we are in the midst of this messy situation, it is best to aim for some result on the khalistani concerns in the long run.

The UK is mum because there is a trade deal negotiation going on. Otherwise, this could have been far worse.
Publically attacking a friendly country in this manner is not rational.
they dont have friends they have interests and they will continue doing it.
For trudeau, Local politics trumps realpolitik.
Thats a simplistic explanation, Mr turdo would not have had a go at India without americas blessing. If we look at the past incidents there has been attack on consulates in US, UK, and distrubance's in australia as well. By just focusing on turdo we are missing the big picture. US deep state is terribly pissed of at India's neutrality on russia and the recent G20 declaration was literally a bitter medicine.