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Nov 30, 2017
I'll admit to having the same reaction, strangely enough. It'd been a few years since I played DX:HR, but the control scheme of DX:MD still threw me off. Especially the "snap to cover" controls. But it's well worth it. 50 hours for the first play through for me.

Definitely give it another go. The first area, Dubai, is an outlier. The rest of the game is amazing.

99% of my headphone usage is for music, so something with great clarity on that from is a must. And by music I mean this:

I've had my QC15s for at least 5 years and they're, well...
If you love good music, you might find these awesome

View attachment 3843

Still work, but the sound quality is declining and they're not exactly in the best condition at this point either. And for the type of music I listen to, mostly metal and electronic/industrial and folk, any suggestions for a pair of headphones (I'm not limited by budget). I like the Bose brand and the others you mentioned are all well-known to me too, but I'm kind of a novice with commercial hardware.

What are you listening too that requires good bass?

And yes, my PC case is very dusty:ROFLMAO:. I don't really like cleaning:oops:.
Ohh, that is interesting, whatever I do my headphones stop working after 2 years.

Now I'm curious as to the other 9 best games of all time on the Parthu list. For me its:

1. Skyrim - AKA, Norway the game. Seriously Skyrim was the first game I ever fell in love with and I'm kind of embarrassed to show a pic of how many hours I've spent playing it:oops:.
2. The Witcher 3 - It's just amazing. But then you already know that. Can't wait for Red to drop Cyberpunk 2077
3. DX:HR - I've played through it at least 4 times, probably more and I can never get enough.
4. Fallout New Vegas - Another game I've played a lot of. Never thought I'd enjoy running around a desert.
5. Pokemon - Ask me what my favorite Pokemon is and I'll tell you "Eevee". Ask me what my favorite Pokemon game is and I'll tell you "yes".
6. Civ 6 - It has Norway as a playable Civ. That is all.
7. Bastion - This game gave me the feels in a bad way. And I loved every minute of it.
8. Dishonored - It took everything I loved about the Thief series (yes, all of them. Deadly Shadows and the Reboot included) and made them even better.
9. STALKER SoC - I'm a sucker for Soviet-style architecture and machinery and paranormal happenings and firearms. Shadow of Chernobyl was just plain amazing. UNPOPULAR OPINION!!! Call of Pripjat was butt and Clear Sky isn't as bad as people claim.
10. Star Wars Battlefront II - Not the one that was released a few years ago, but the "classic". Only multiplayer game I enjoyed playing with people I don't know. Plus I love Star Wars and am a huge nerd.

Of course that's not by any means an exhaustive list of games I like or enjoy or would recommend. Just my all-time favorites.
For me

1) Bioshock Infinite and then 1 and 2 - For obvious reasons.
2) SpecOps The Line: I love being an antihero, and people are just idiots who criticized this game. And the killer line "Do you feel like a hero yet?"
3) Mass Effect series- The storyline is just mind-boggling.
4) Half-Life: As this was the first game I played, this is close to my heart.
5) CoD: BO1: Again the storyline is just awesome. And the post-credit scene of showing JFK and Alex Mason at Dallas airport is just awesome.
6) Dues Ex older series and Dues Ex HR: I love games which try to portray futuristic society in realistic scenario. If ever Aug developed, the result would be quite the same.
7) Detroit become human: for the same reasons.
8) Crysis- Crysis is one of the game when I played in 2008, it was like the earth is really invaded.
9) Dishonored 1 (not 2nd game)- The gameplay is too much good.
10) Medal of Honor 2010: The best game and a very few game based on real events.

Honorary mentions:
Wolfstein The new Order
Sins of a solar empire
Master of Orion 1( not 2 not 3 and not latest one)
NFS: Most Wanted
Alan Wake
Battlefield 3 and 1
DCS: just love being pilot
and many more which i dont remember right now. :p
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Nov 30, 2017
Hmmm...if you prefer the 'clarity' of music over the sheer 'feel', then AudioTechnica or Beyerdynamic might just be the way to go. These are the types they use in mixing studios. @Arpit and @Milspec might offer some insight as I know them to be bigger audiophiles than me.

You didn't tell me you used them as a prop for training your attack dog.

Other than WWE entrance songs, something like these:

( btw, that guitar starting at around 2:30 gets me every time )

Speaking of folk, I did acquire a taste for those Eastern European songs (again thanks to Witcher 3 for introducing me to these), the soundtrack of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a gem in my honest opinion, especially these 3 tracks:

I'll stop now before my actions lead to the branching off of a separate music thread.

You call THAT dust? Ha.

For me the favourites were the random whores in that brothel in Flotsam (in the 2nd game) :p

Screenshots,'s gonna be hard to choose a select few from the 1200+ but I'll give you some that show what the essence of my F12 spamming is about: I'm about getting that perfect shot from cutscenes (not always but more often than not), to that end I'm guilty of keeping my finger on the trigger when I'm anticipating something (helps when you're playing through the game for the 3rd time), does it take away from the sit-back-and-enjoy cutscene experience? Yes, but it does sometimes give me some wallpaper-worthy shots like these:

^^ That last one was my wallpaper for several months. The left portion provided ample dark background for icons, and the colors & lighting were great overall. At any other time of day, it probably wouldn't have been as good.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder...the way the cameras are positioned in these cutscenes (with the action happening in the right three quarters of the screen more often than not), it's almost as if CDPR wanted the players to take screenshots and use them as wallpapers. As of shots during gameplay, its pretty much a simple matter of being in the right place at the right time of day and panning the view in the right angle...

10 image out for Part 2.

I always advice M50x over Dt 770, just because 50x come with detachable cable and really 50x is more clear than dt 770. But if somebody wants to spend more money then Bose QuietComfort 35 II , also it comes with active noise cancellation.

On song btw, i dont know this is eastern or western or northern or southern :p
But i love this

The ending was really heart touching moment in Wolfstein

This is also good

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Dec 1, 2017
Vizag, India
Every game should have an in-built Photo Editor. The one in Ghost Recon: Wildlands even allows you to set a custom time of day and weather condition before taking the snap. Minus 5 points for the Witchman, the Freak of Nature for not including such an editor.



I got into Wildlands too late. The weapons, clothing & equipment customization options are huge. Guess I found the perfect test environment to see how various camoflague/color combinations will look outside my mind. Started off with something very basic yet pretty cool (at least according to me)...a black top with Multicam pants and cap. Not that tacti-cool, but a very slick look, if you ask me.


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Nov 30, 2017
One of my fav music from game collections

But this is only me, or this is copied/inspired from this



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Dec 4, 2017
"Is his name Sum Ting Wong" and "General High Ping" got me.


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Nov 17, 2018
Best Way.
Anyone else played Tyranny? It doesn't make for the most interesting screenshot, but it's amazing. Made by Obsidian. That's the same group that did Fallout New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2 and formed from the ashes of Black Isle Studios, which made Fallout 1 and 2. Their writing is some of the best out there. Tyranny is easy to miss and not very flashy compared to some other Isometric RPGs like Divinity Original Sin, but it's story and characters are second to none. Gorgeously bleak world.

I'll take more pics as I progress. This is my second play-through. The game has four play-through paths to take.





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Apr 1, 2019
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Just a part time hobbyist gamer. I play FPS/Action/RPGs on my PS4 and RTTs on my laptop. I got an MSI GL6 from work 2.5 years ago. The IT guy was apologetic about the "big heavy monstrosity" and promised to get me a surface some time later. Now I have both.


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Jun 19, 2019
Picked up a new monitor recently (changed the background to my team and I in Afghanistan so you know it's mine). Not a great picture, I know, certainly not compared to most other pics I shoot (phone camera. It's butt)) but it's an AW2518H. Just bought Slime Rancher this morning:ROFLMAO:.


Otherwise looks like this.


Very nice. Runs anything and everything at 240hz.

Keyboard if you're wondering it a Roccat Vulcan.


Mine's backlit to red, orange and yellow colors.


Roccat's Swarm software let's you play around with all kinds of colors and patterns. I don't really care for anything fancy though, too distracting.

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Jun 19, 2019
Started playing The Witcher 3 again. Some screenshots. I have depth of field and motion blur turned off:giggle:.

I like windmills for some reason.


Meant to the press the "sign" key to knock the griffin from the air with an aard blast. Accidentally pressed the screenshot key instead:ROFLMAO:.