Corvettes of Indian Navy : News and Discussions


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Aug 17, 2022
Some nice snaps @Fatalis sir you might like



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May 11, 2020
Beautiful ship and very well sized and armed.

Slightly longer than Saryu class OPVs.

Something like this could be a general purpose frigate for IN, make 2 dozen of these and have them patrol all choke points.

Interestingly has 3xAk-630 cwiz.

Myanmar Navy's Kyan Sittha-class frigates have a significant amount of Indian made hardware.

The propulsion setup is very similar to the IN's Kamorta class ASW corvettes. The engines used are the Pielstick 12PA 6 STC6 diesel engines license manufactured in India. The reduction gear box is from Elcon & GRSE provides the controllable pitch propellers.

Kyan Sittha-class frigates uses the Oto Melara 76mm as its primary naval gun. It is not known if those guns are directly imported from Italy for from BHEL-Haridwar. The ships use BEL's hull mounted HUMSA-HMX sonars. The frigates also use the Sheyna torpedoes, BDL exported those torpedoes.

The ships originally came equipped with a Chinese surface search radar & the BEL RAWL-2 for AD/volume search roles. Older photo from 2018:
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Newer phots from MILAN-2024 show that the BEL RAWL-2 has been replaced by BEL REVATHI:
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Again, striking similarity to the IN's Kamorta class corvettes:
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The Myanmar Navy has switched from the RAWL-2 to REVATHI in just a few years of use. While IN is still receiving destroyers with RAWLs. The RAWLs aren't great but they are not terrible either. Perhaps the reason for the relatively quick retirement of the RAWLs & an early adoption of the REVATHI is the VL-SRSAM.
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Currently the only AD on the Kyan Sittha-class frigates are 2 units of a Chinese copy of the AK-630 & some Igla-S MANPADS. VL-SRSAM could fill the medium range SAM role quite well, assuming the ships has enough underdeck space to accommodate a 16/32 cell VLU.

Maybe BDL has an export order coming.