Compute power to run large nuclear weapons simulation on your desktop


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Dec 27, 2019
So, I was looking at the latest and greatest Workstation/Professional computer systems and I saw this :

AMD Threadripper PRO 5995WX (

This is a workstation class CPU with 64 cores and 128 threads with a sustained processing capability of 1.856 TERRA-FLOPS (FP64) !! Ref: AMD Ryzen 7950X Scientific Computing Performance - 7 Optimized Applications


It costs just 7000 USD and change.

It needs a compatiable motherboard ( : 1000 USD.

And it can support 2 Terra Bytes of RAM ( : 19000 USD.

A Good PRO GPU :
NVidia Quadro A6000 4500 USD

A great CPU cooling and case and few more things : 2000 dollars more.

Total : 7000 + 1000 + 19000 + 4500 + 2000 = USD 33,500.

So what we get for 33,500?

Well remember, in 1996-2000, US DoE was maintaining its nuclear warheads and improving them? They argued that India does not have super computers to do Analysis like they do. Their super computer was this bad boy:


This beast had 1200 GB of RAM and gave a PEAK (not sustained) compute throughput of 1.8 Terra Flops to crunch numbers for simulating nuclear weapon models.

Now, for JUST 33,500 USD ANYONE can have this kind of processing power on their desk and MORE!

How far tech has come! I am sure folks in DRDO and BARC must be having many such compute platforms, some old and some new. With those, they can simulate ANYTHING they want. India can perhaps test all warheads using cold tests only...

Badnews? Pakistan can do that as well.