Chandrayaan-3 : News and Updates

PM is delivering an address at ISTRAC, Bengaluru. Important points so far:

1. Impact point of the CY-2 lander will be called Tiranga point.
2. CY-3 landing point will be called Shiv Shakti point.
3. ISRO chief mentions that Pragyaan rover has moved out of the field of view of the lander's cameras. Today, the rover will turn around and take photos of the lander on the moon.
Modi became extremely emotional when addressing ISRO scientists. Damn almost as emotional as Pak Generals get when they get Papa John's Pizza frachise.

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Still waiting for Lander photo taken by Rover 😩
Photo is already taken however due to poor lighting conditions those pictures are not shared. Hence they will share images only once lighting angle and conditions are okay. For now they have prioritized scientific tests.
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Another photo: