British Military Technology

CAMM-MR or Future Common Missile

  • Vertical launch
  • Cold launch
  • No quad packing, will probably take up the volume of 4 CAMM cannisters. (Not sure about this as it would mean 2 per launcher only, which is a little low, I suspect they'd aim for 4 per launcher, the flatrack is fairly adaptable dimensionally)
  • Will obviously be longer than CAMM, but still fit lengthwise on the Land Ceptor launcher. (There is at least 0.5m at the front of the rack to play with and at least 1m at the rear).
  • Active Radar seeker at a minimum. (I do wonder if they'll look at dual mode as well)
  • >100km range
  • >65,000ft height capability
  • Using same data link for compatability
  • Sensor agnostic as per other CAMM variants
  • Same launcher system. (On land at least, no mention of naval to date however)
  • If it is proceeded with will arrive after 2030
  • May use a 2 stage approach with booster and tip over mechanism being expended after use. (I think this would be sensible, but would add cost)


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Polish CAMM-ER procurement....its a bit of a monster...

138 launchers....c1,000 missiles.

I suspect that missile order is just the first as it doesn't provide any reloads for the launchers...

I think the Pilica one is around a similar number of CAMM missiles...

Translation via Google Translate

"Another contracts signed today, this time under the #NAREW program, cover the supply of essential elements of the short-range air and missile defense system, including 138 launchers and over a thousand #CAMM -ER missiles."


In addition..

"Emotions are running high! The new contract provides for the acquisition of twenty-two Automated Command Posts (ZSD) #Zenit MP+ for Rocket and Artillery Sets (ZRA) #PILICA + in the years 2025-2029."


Here's the state of play for CAMM and ASRAAM Customers if the Swedish sale goes through (realistically its one of the few options for the Visby Class)...

CAMM/CAMM-ER customers to date:

British Army
Royal Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy
Chilean Navy
Brazilian Navy
Italian Navy
Italian Air Force
Italian Army
Royal Canadian Navy
Pakistan Navy
Polish Army
Polish Navy
Royal Saudi Navy
Swedish Navy

The British Army'should' be getting CAMM-ER in the near future, Cmdr 7AD has said as much, and 'medium ranged' AD is in the pipeline. You'd also have to think that CAMM-MR is also on the cards from 2030 for the UK and Poland at least. What that means for the RN is anyones guess, the Army and Navy share a common stockpile of missiles...
Still the potential of the Brazilian Marines as well and I suspect other sales are in the works...particularly in the Gulf.

ASRAAM customers to date:

Royal Air Force (Block 6 will completely replace legacy Asraam from 2022 onwards)
Royal Australian Air Force (Questions remain about Asraam's future in RAAF service)
Indian Air Force (Unclear if Block 6 is part of the deal)
Qatar Emiri Air Force (Likely Asraam Block 6 only when delivered).
Royal Air Force of Oman (Likely Asraam Block 6 only when delivered).

It seems like the mighty nuclear power UN P5 NATO nation British Navy's nuclear capable missiles are Did & comparable Chinese missiles and apparently this missile is same as US Polaris 2 missiles and so even mighty US too should be facing same problem and this raises doubts about credible 2nd strike capabilities... 😊
Test missiles aren't built to the same quality controls, or well-maintained and tend to be older than the live ones. It normally marks the absolute end of shelf-life when they're fired.