Airborne Early Warning Systems - A-50EI Phalcon, DRDO Netra AEW&C, DRDO AWACS

We are making use of C 295 for everything now, as it could be Sanctions resistant.

Hopefully we ll get MTA that can be used for multipurpose like tanker and 360 awac .

We could try truly be independent if we could get an engine deal leveraging civilian planes.

C-295 isn't useful for most roles 'cause it doesn't have jet engines. As a tanker it can refuel helicopters. As an AWACS it cannot support the IAF's requirements 'cause it cannot fly at mach 0.85 nor does it have sufficient service ceiling.

The C-390 is a better bet for all roles except the tanker role.
Below are the sort of technical changes the user asks for mods/versions in a set config



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