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  1. Ashwin

    Defence Budget Allocation & Defence Procurement Procedure : News & Discussions

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    News Top German minister tried to get defence firm off the blacklist, Modi govt didn’t budge

    Gun maker Rheinmetall also allegedly paid controversial arms agent Abhishek Verma to get it off the hook, was misled by an undisclosed Indian industrial group. New Delhi: A top German politician tried to intervene on behalf of tainted defence company Rheinmetall to get it off an Indian...
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    News India China Border dispute- News, updates and discussions

    I always suspected the education that you medicos got, after passing school. It's intellectual deficit, not ideological deficit.
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    News Govt nixes Rs 32,000 crore ‘Make in India’ minesweepers project

    NEW DELHI: In yet another major blow to the 'Make in India' plan+ in the defence sector, the government has cancelled the Rs 32,000 crore project to construct 12 advanced minesweepers in collaboration with South Korea at the Goa Shipyard. Advanced minesweepers or mine counter-measure vessels...
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    Asteria Aerospace : Making state-of-the-art Top Secret Drones in India

    Surveillance drone picks up some movement along the line of control triggering an alarm at the command centre. The commander in charge, en route a meeting, receives an alert on his mobile. He manoeuvres the drone from his mobile to zoom in for a closer look at the half a dozen infiltrators...
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    Representatives Israel, France, Greece, United States, Italy, India, Germany and Poland stand in front of an Israeli F16. (photo credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to India is encouraging for the future of the India-Israel partnership. The level of...
  7. Ashwin

    Trainer Aircraft of IAF - PC-7, HTT-40, HJT-36, BAE Hawk

    Propelled by HAL’s young blood, HTT-40 ready for critical stall & spin tests