1. suryakiran

    Gunner's Shot - The Old Order Passeth

    The Old Order Passeth When the Artillery Profile 2027 was written in 2008, it was visualised that the 130 mm Catapult and 160mm Tempella Heavy Mortars would de decommissioned and made obsolete in a couple of years. However that was not to be for many reasons. Finally these guns are being laid...
  2. Parthu

    Indian Army Procurement Paralysis (Rant)

    The Indian Army's infantry modernization is faltering. There appears that between what the forces claim to want, what the MoD understands of it, and what the state-run research laboratories are capable of delivering (and their disconnect with how things are done across the world, so essentially...
  3. S

    Analysis Pakistani Army Units

    Does anyone here track the movement of Paak Army units for deployment or exercises?
  4. Aashish

    Battlefield Management System for Indian Army – Where Are We?

    Bullet Train, Saltoro and the BMS ByLt Gen Prakash Katoch IssueNet Edition| Date : 15 Dec , 2017 In a recent pre-election rally in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that those who do not want the bullet train are welcome to keep using the bullock cart. Debunkers of the bullet train...