Indian viewpoint : Implications to recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Article by Aashish

The long pending issues of middle east had one particular issue of interest as it concerns with our mutual ally Israel and another country with whom we have maintained friendly relations for very long time – Palestine. The place holy to many of the religious aspects – Jerusalem and last 48 hours have again put the whole focus back on this.

Many believe that POTUS is just fulfilling his campaign promise but it wont change anything fundamentally wrt USA policy for middle east. Inspite of two state solution endorsed by POTUS, it seems a fire has been lit in Middle East with this move

With Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz warned Trump “that such a dangerous step of relocation or recognition of Al-Quds as the capital of Israel would constitute a flagrant provocation of Muslims, all over the world.” There can be a backlash which is expected to increase with fundamentally all related groups coming under one umbrella to support under the garb of protecting fellow brothers of same religion

Many argue POTUS move is simply recognising what has been the open truth for decades – Jerusalem has historically been Israel’s capital and that most of the nation’s government — including the prime minister’s office, the Supreme Court and the legislature.

But also it needs to be pointed that USA policy was holding onto ambiguity – a fact which saw multiple past POTUS keeping this recognition “pending” in the hope of a peaceful solution for this sensitive matter. What now is very important to understand is that US policy of recognition basically delinked the “embassy position” for the solution. In a way the portion is recognized and fully endorsed as Israeli without any doubt and also no more let off or compromises to be done for exploring “peaceful solutions”

In a quick move Palestinian factions jointly announced three “days of rage,” beginning Wednesday, to protest the potential U.S. Embassy move and recognition of Jerusalem.

Important to see what will be orientation of Indian Foreign Policy as well on this crucial matter..

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