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On a serious note, has India given up on POK? I heard something on the lines of negotiating with pakistan trying to make LOC the permanent border after Mr 11's visit. Or at least standstill agreement is being considered as one of the options. Is Pok Banega Pakistan on the table?
Whats the location of the two big radars used in the ballistic missile defense program?
Yea I found those 2 already the third im after.
Is it available on Google Earth now? If it is, can you post the link please?
Both these places only land is acquired no major construction started yet. I have been keeping an eye on them for a while. Even the ssbn base in AP there is nothing much you can observe from above. Im searching for a specific location where two radars have been already build. Its not in rajastan for sure. The pic was posted by deterrent on pdf long time ago.
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