The Indian Navy's MH-60R & Naval Dhruv UHM Helicopters


Got any pics of the inside (not the cockpit, but the navigators station and cargo hold) of an Indian Sea King? I'm curious as to what modifications, either electronics or structural might have been made or what indigenous gear is used versus international or OEM models.

Something like these if you can. These are from my personal collection.



I've been on Sea Kings a lot as my unit flew them near daily for SAR missions.
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Tri-Service Andaman & Nicobar Command inducts Advanced Light Helicopter MK III​

Posted On: 28 JAN 2022 2:37PM by PIB Delhi

In a boost to maritime security, the indigenous Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) MK III aircraft was formally inducted at INS Utkrosh by Commander-in-Chief, Andaman and Nicobar Command (CINCAN) Lieutenant General Ajai Singh at Port Blair on January 28, 2022. As the rotor blades of the versatile helicopter cut through the air, aircraft were ceremonially welcomed into ANC with a traditional water cannon salute. The induction marks a continuing increase in the capabilities of the A&N Command in the past two decades of its raising as India’s only joint theatre command.

The ALH MK III aircraft is manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and represents a tremendous leap towards self-reliance in the field of military aircraft, in line with the government’s push towards ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. Till date, over 300 of these aircraft have been delivered by HAL and are being flown by the Armed Forces. Amongst its variants, the MK III variant is a maritime role variant encompassing state-of-the-art sensors and weapons that add punch to India’s prowess at sea.

The ALH MK III aircraft with its glass cockpit, Shakti engines, advanced Maritime Patrol Radar, Electro–optical payload and Night Vision Device will act as a force multiplier in keeping India’s far eastern seaboard and Island territories safe. The state-of-the-art aircraft has multirole capabilities including maritime surveillance, support for Special Forces, medical evacuations besides search and rescue roles.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt General Ajai Singh termed the induction as a boost to the security of Andaman & Nicobar. He added that the induction is a symbol of the country’s resolve of being self-reliant in its security and maintaining peace in this region.



That's what I've been arguing for the past 2 yrs. There's no case whatsoever for the IN to import or go thru the SP model. It was one huge example of ego display & a temper tantrum by IN .

This was but the logical outcome , as expected. Hopefully things proceed smoothly & with alacrity from here on .
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There's a reason for stopping imports of NUH. While the IN was rightly pushing for a private line, MoD got the HAL to compromise by creating an SPV for the IMRH. So while the NUH will go to HAL, IMRH will be built by a private sector company along with HAL, no different from AMCA. So the forces are getting a better deal overall, and everybody wins in the process.

A defence source explained that in October 2021, the Navy and HAL carried out a joint study to exploit ALH to maximum potential for naval operations by optimising it to 5.7 tonnes, reducing the empty weight by choice of light weight avionics and mission sensors, higher payload capability upto 600 kg for deck operations, reduced stowage dimensions to meet requirement with foldable two segment blades and modified upper control system and ASIST (Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse) traversing interface for ship deck.

Graphic of proposed 2 segment 4 blade folding mechanism.
If it's under 6 tons and its made to fit in the hanger by folding all blades. Order not 60, order 111 Dhruv based NUH.


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