Tank autoloader vs manual loader


Dec 7, 2017
southern Croatia
Debate on using autoloader or manual loading of tank gun has been going on since autoloaders had first appeared. And it has not not been resolved yet, as can be seen from various solutions currently in service. But in general, Western designs have opted for manual loading while Eastern designs had opted for autoloaders.

So what are advantages and disadvantages of using autoloader? Here, I will be considering two main autoloader designs: the cassette and the carousel. Former is used in e.g. Leclerc, Type-90 and Ukrainian M-84 Oplot M, while latter is used in Soviet designs such as T-72 and its derivatives. While there are other types of autoloaders, most of them have similar advantages and disadvantages to either cassette type (e.g. revolver / bustle carousel) or carousel type. In any case, the cassette and the carousel are the most common solutions for autoloaders.

So what do you think?


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Feb 6, 2020
Autoloaders are the future. Abrams X ends the discussion really. The altay is going for a manual loader but Turkish projects have been failure unless their private industries get involved.
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