Shivalik Class (Project 17/17A) & Talwar Class Frigates

Ankit Kumar

Team StratFront
Nov 30, 2017
@Ankit Kumar

Is there any revamp / restructuring of shipyrads on card?

Something similar has happened with HAL /Isro / OFB?

Drying up orders / waiting on for orders/ making them build indigenous platforms / involvement of private sectors in sub assemblies

Seems like submarine arm & even surface ship order book of MDL is getting nothing yet.
GRSE for its part has been trying to sub contract work to Titagarh Wagons and MDL to a Gujarat based shipyard. This is a good step, if the order was in double digits. We are building capability to be ultimately lost again.

GSL invested a lot to be able to build non metallic hulls. Now where are the Minesweepers?

Naval orders will never sustain shipbuilding which gov is trying to do.
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