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Dec 4, 2017

Apart from design build of the JF-17 , the Al Khalid , submarines to be built , the N bomb & various other ground breaking inventions , Paxtan is also in the forefront of innovation . Here are some of the unicorns with their products for which IPRs have either been filed or obtained.

Maamu , I'm essentially doing what you're supposed to be doing out here i.e - be a brand ambassador for Paxtan . @safriz


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Dec 6, 2017
Republic of Wadiya
Pakistan is not a normal state so doesn’t need a formal economy.
Its foundation is based on Jihad and its military’s (Army to be precise) official moto is Jihad Sabilullah (or something like that which means waging religious/holy war against kuffers).

Its economy can be considered as Jihad economy. Afghanistan(and Pashtuns in General) is/was an excellent selling point for Pak to get hired to wage Jihad (with definitions changing as per the requirements by its military).

Just yesterday saw the 9/11 documentary launched on 9/11 on Apple TV, and the Junior Bush talking about going after those harbouring Al Quieda. Guess where the Chief of AQ was found hiding [email protected]
What more ironic was that instead of punishing it for supporting AQ, Bush gave them F16 block 50s and thousands of AIMRAAMS and LGBs to bomb Pashtuns and Baloch villages in KPK and Balochistan.

In case of China, hatred to “Hindu-stan” is an excellent selling point.

That’s why I always admire their ability to sell themselves to their customers which they are doing excellently since many centuries. And I’m not taking any jibe on LaHore here ( which I believe was a misfortune of Women bourn in Punjab region) but to the fact that almost all Turko-Mongol, Afghan and Persian invaders almost always used Pashtun and half-Pashtun punjabi mercenaries first to burn Punjab and then to attack and loot further South.
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