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Dec 3, 2017

India among few countries in the world where forest cover is consistently increasing​

The efforts made by the Narendra Modi government have brought positive results in the conservation of wildlife. The government has said that the coverage of Protected Areas which was 4.90 percent of country’s geographical area in 2014 has now increased to 5.03 percent.

This includes an increase in Protected Areas in the country from 740 with area of over one lakh 61 thousand square kilometers in 2014 to 981 with an area of over one lakh 71 thousand square kilometers at present.

On the other hand, forest and tree cover has increased by 16 thousand kilometers in the last four years and India is among few countries in the world where forest cover is consistently increasing.

AIR correspondent reports that India is home to 52 Tiger Reserves covering 18 States with around 75 percent population of the wild tiger at the global level.

The Tiger Population in India has increased from 2 thousand 226 in 2014 to 2 thousand 967 in 2018. The budgetary allocation for tiger conservation was raised from 185 crore rupees in 2014 to 300 crore rupees in 2022.

The population of Asiatic Lions also recorded a steady increase with a population of 674 individuals since 2015. So far it has witnessed one of the highest growth rate of 28.87 percent.

Besides, the country has also witnessed over 60 percent increase in the population of leopard since 2014. The number of leopards has gone up from 7 thousand 910 in 2014 to 12 thousand 852 in 2020.