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Dec 1, 2017
Disrespecting any religion is not tolerated. Posting an article and giving your inputs on a religion are 2 different things.

Offending member has been given a warning.
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Jun 19, 2019
we should stop this comparison with pakistan which is nearly bankrupt, it wont do us any good. Once LIC goes public sooner or later it will be appropriated by the MNC's and the funds they managed will fall into their hands. So dont be under the impression this will last long enuf.

Second worrisome thing is if one company which manages 18% of GDP screws up then it will affect a large part of the country. (It was the very reason why it was never privatized ). If LIC goes kaput then country will pay for it dearly.

Baba ji China se comparison to karenge nahi. 18.4 Trillion thoda jada ho jayega.
Pakistan ka koi be twitter wala meme chalega, Emoji laga ke. Sakoon mil jata hai man ko, ek do PJs maar ke.



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Dec 4, 2017

A singular achievement of great salience in the history of medical science & the ummaah if survival & longevity is established , on par with the first human heart transplant .

I'm wondering how would Paxtanis see it especially their reaction to the Paxtani doctor who accomplished this feat given the fact that the good doctor who confesses to being a practising Muslim feels there's nothing wrong in using a pig's organs to save human lives.

He also considers the pig to be genetically more closer to humans ( whether the good doctor was referring exclusively to his fellow Muslims or not for the comparison with pigs, the report doesn't say but let's assume he did which in turn can be used as a defense for why Muslims don't consume pork by the doctor's Muslim apologists- a post facto rationalization ) after apes & chimps.

Your inputs would be appreciated. @Cole_phelps
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Dec 6, 2017
Republic of Wadiya

in Villages of UP, this type of dance is called “Launda Naach” and usually performed by Trans people for preventing bad luck/evil eyes (Nazar utarna) before marriage and after childbirth. It’s said that only Trans people are blessed with God given power to destroy any bad luck.

Don’t understand why Pak army soldiers are doing this Launda Naach though.
PS: It’s anything but funny


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Mar 15, 2018
good boy,