Iconic Picture of Himalayan War

Is this an Iconic Picture of Himalayan War?

  • Yes, indeed this picture is iconic, magnificent and cool.

  • No. The OP is high on something.

  • Yes, but the pic I will post is more appropriate.

  • No. OP's pic is not at all symbolic of this War but mine is.

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Aug 2, 2020
Either because I am high or because it is really so, the picture below is iconic of the Himalayan War, magnificent and cool.

Post YOUR choice of pic that you think aptly symbolizes this particular Himalayan War.

And somebody post the uncropped version of below pic.

All readers vote in the poll.

The context is NOT Pakistan. It's Indo-Tibetan border. Get that right.

crp_India-deploys-air-defence-missile-system-in-Ladakh (1).jpg