How does Chinese flankers fare against our Su-30 MKI ?


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Dec 27, 2019
Folks while we are at it. Also consider a very pertinent point.

How do Indian Flankers managed, maintained and deployed on orders of Indian Bureaucracy will fare against Chinese flankers by Chinese folks?

Remember, Indian assets are often neglected with critical parts missing in inventory. In the war, the competition is not between just the jets and the pilots but also the deep state which actually controls them and is supposed to support them.

All these threads are worthless without taking this in consideration. It is like saying how a company with an expensive piece of equipment (say a fleet of large laser printers) will fare against another one. Even if you compare their hardware specs and possibly the qualification of their operators, the comparison is of no use unless you look at their leadership, its goals and its decisions. Infact that becomes the major factor rather than which company's printers have how much DPI (1200 vs 1400).
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