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May 14, 2021
Shit like this is why I moved to consoles. Granted the visual quality is never at par with the PCs but I got tired of dropping 2-3 grand on a pc every other year and then having to buy other stuff like better monitors every 3 years.

I have those too:giggle:. I keep my Nintendo Switch under my bed for playing at night and my PS5 is connected to one of my monitors (I bought a second AW2518H last year).

I have plenty of money to throw around though, so the cost of parts doesn't really register to me anywhere near as much. The lack of availability does. It's near impossible to find any new chipsets or GPUs right now.

Great Mobo. I had x99 God like , cost me a fortune but lasted for a long time.

I thought about going Godlike for my build, but it just has too many things I don't need.

AM5 will be out end of this year or next year. Apparently it will be a LGA so no more backward compatibility.

If AM5 compatible chipsets are anywhere as unavailable as the current AM4 is then I wont feel too bad about running an AM4 build for a few more years. AMD is having bad issues with production right now (to be fair so is the entire tech world thanks to chip shortages). It's the same reason that makes me not feel bad about not jumping from my 2080 tis and onto the 30XX cards and more willing to wait years for an RX 7000 series.

I might not care much about money, but I'm sure not paying 3000+ for an RTX 3080o_O.

Proc's 1100
Mobo's 750
Cooler's 140
SSD's 620 each

The 2800TI Founder's Edition is 1400.

Pretty standard costs honestly. 2080 tis tend to retail around that much, though scalpers sell them for double. Due to the aforementioned supply-side issues 5950xs and similar chips tend to have inflated prices too. That doesn't look to be remedying itself anytime soon either.

Stupid high for the mobo and SSDs though. What's going on in India that inflates them so much?


May 14, 2021
Here's what I've got on Steam.





Sep 1, 2021
My newest addition. Since I last posted here I've added a pair of Bose 700 headphones, shown in the backgound (I use them when on the go and my QC15s while gaming), a pair of Razer Blackshark V2 headphones for when I'm on Discord with friends, and a few internal parts for my PC.



I also picked up Psychonauts 2... it's pretty goofy.

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Dec 19, 2017
I just bought some new parts for my build - going AMD this time.

ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Mobo.

Ryzen 5950x processor.

Arctic 280 AIO CPU cooler.

2 Firecuba 2tb M.2-2800 SSDs.

As normal I'll post pics of the parts and my build once everything ships.


I've been playing MHW and Rainbow 6 Siege recently. If anyone else plays and wants in let me know.

Whats your take on this new processor Ryzen?


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Jun 19, 2019
Was hunting for a good BT speaker. Didn't have budget in mind. Marshall stanmore and JBL boombox 2 were shortlisted in the end. However I also have a 1000 watt home theater and felt reluctant to spend more for only a 80 watt BT speaker.

I settled for Boat stone 1500, yeah it's about inr 5500. It's not that I couldn't have spent 32k for JBL but didn't seem worth.

After few weeks I started wondering if boat stone 1500 40w speaker sound so good then I may have made wrong choice by skipping 80w boombox. A balance has to be made not to waste my earlier investment and not compromise on experience, I purchased another stone 1500, paired them in TWS and sound is so much rich and complete.

Believe me, I never thought of having Dolby like sound out of this pair. It's like mini home theater in bed with enough sound to make you enjoy every ott series and not shake whole house.

I wouldn't have written this review if it was JBL or Bose etc because they are supposed to sound great but this cheap boat has overdelivered beyond expectation. A surprise find for me