Croatia is Buying US Antitank Missile FGM-48 Javelin


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Croatian military had been considering Javelin procurement since January 2023. Plan of procurement had included procurement of Javelin missile.

Javelin is a modern top-attack antitank guided missile which is infantry-portable but can also be placed onto other platforms such as tracked or wheeled vehicles. It was jointly developed by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin as a Javelin Joint Venture program after US Army placed order for new antitank missile in 1989. Full production began in 1994, and operational use in 1996. Raytheon is producing the command/launch platform while Lockheed Martin produces the missile.

Croatian army currently uses mostly antitank weaponry of Soviet manufacture, such as 9K115 Metis, 9K115-2 Metis M, 9M113 Konkurs, 9K111 Fagot, RL90 M95, RPG-22 and 9M14 Maljutka. Croatia had previously bought some Javelins for training.
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