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Dec 3, 2017
India seeks Aadhaar-like ID for all BRICS nations
India has suggested introducing an Aadhaar-like unique identification number for every individual and company across BRICS nations to tackle terrorism financing and strengthen counterterrorism measures.

A seven-member team comprising senior officials of the Union ministries of home and external affairs, National Security Guard and Enforcement Directorate participated in the meeting attended by BRICS nations’ joint working group on strategy for counter terrorism and tackling terrorism financing. The two-day meet from April 18 was held in South Africa.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to join the BRICS meeting in July, said people aware of the matter. Significantly, they said, a sub-group on terrorism financing has subsequently been formed.

India also proposed introduction of realtime alert for any suspicious transactions involving any of the BRICS nations. So far this has been request-based. Besides, the Indian team proposed a uniform format for recording and reporting transactions of banks. A real-time alert system for any suspicious transactions will help investigators track down a terrorism financing case faster.

“Earlier, it was a request-based alert. So during the course of investigation, if we found any foreign transaction happening, we raised a request to get details from the country concerned. This process consumes a lot of time,” said a senior official.

“Most of the times, investigators are clueless about foreign transactions. So if we raise an alert immediately and provide the relevant information to the country it concerns, we can have an effective investigation conducted on terror financing that involves several countries,” the official said.

A few months ago, investigators had stumbled upon information leading to an economic fraud in Bangladesh. Further investigation revealed that the fraud led to financing of a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) modulein West Bengal’s Burdwan district.
India seeks Aadhaar-like ID for all BRICS nations
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