Air Defence Systems of Indian Air Force


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Sep 30, 2022
The role of Indian Air Force is to secure the Indian airspace and provide air defence against hostile aircrafts and missiles. It is also working to provide Ballistic Missile Defence.

Here, I have listed down most of the systems used by IAF to provide the air defence.

SystemRange (KM)RoleQuantity
AA Guns02 to 04Protection of air bases by acting as the last line of defence.244*
VSHORADS06 to 08Man-portable system against helicopters, UAV, and slow-moving aircrafts.640*
Akash SRSAM25 to 40Protection of air bases. Acting as the second line of defence.08 + 07* squadrons
Spyder QRSAM20 to 50Quick reaction system for protection of vulnerable points.01 squadron
MRSAM70 to 100Protection of vulnerable areas and key military installations by providing area air defence.18 squadrons*
Akash NG35 to 70Low Level Quick Reaction system for protection of air bases and vulnerable points. It will supplement the Spyder.07 to 10 squadrons*
Pechora15 to 20SRSAM for protection of airbases and key military installations. It will be replaced by MRSAM + Akash NG.25 squadrons
S-400250 to 400Long range area air defence and air space denial.5 squadrons*
AAD25 to 40Part of the BMD Network Phase -1. Endo-atmospheric missile against the 1500km range targets.
PDV130 to 160Part of the BMD Network Phase-1. Exo-atmospheric missile against the 3000km range targets.
PDV MK-21000 to 1200ASAT missile. It can neutralize targets in the space orbit.
AD-1*30 to 60*Part of BMD Network Phase-2. Endo-atmospheric missile against the 1500 km range targets.
AD-2*140 to 200*Part of BMD Network Phase-2. Exo-atmospheric missile against the 3000 km range targets.
ERSAM*130 to 150*Part of ERADS system. Long range area air defence and air space denial.ERADS – 7 squadrons*
XRSAM*250 to 300*Part of ERADS system. Long range area air defence and air space denial.ERADS – 7 squadrons*

Aside from the systems mentioned above some other systems are also available but I am not sure if they are still in service or not and what is their exact quantity. They are:
  1. S-200
  2. S-300
  3. Kub (SA-6 Gainful)
  4. 9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko)
  5. Bofors L70
  6. 9K338 Igla-S
Some systems which might find their way in IAF:
  1. Truck based VL-SRSAM
  2. DEW