After Balakot, one eye on the Dragon


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Jun 2, 2018
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Our position is indeed alarming air force wise.They are reaching their peak and will be there in another 10 years.2030 is their peak.Ours comes 2040 and after.We have to keep china at bay for atleast 10 more years.

The big issues are the large number of tactical ballistic missiles they are fielding,and the generational gap situation due to 5th gen aircraft on their side.The number advantage was always theirs.

The good thing is their army has no experience,and filled with one child conscripts.Its also not acclimatised like our permanently stationed mountain divisions.
The ifrastructure advantage they had is closing and will end by 2024.New rifles,helicopters and arty is also excellent for us.

As long as their navy cant challenge us in IOR they will do nothing,as their fuel lifeline is at our mercy.But this will change in later part of next decade when they can insert multiple cbgs into IOR.

To deter china and buy time for our airforce we need following-
Infrastructure upgrade full steam ahead,finish by 2024.

Excellent idea of underground shelters/depots in North east safe from standoff strikes need to be expanded upon.

Pralay tactical SRBM and brahmos 2 needs to be deployed to blunt the current advantage of PLA strategic rocket force.

T90 ms with svinets apfsds round needs to be deployed in the regiments in ladakh and sikkim.

The process of hardening airbase aircraft shelters against upto 2000lb ordnance strikes needs to progress asap,particularly bases with sukhois and rafales.This would protect against waves of chinese cruise and tac bm strikes.

Navy needs to drop 3rd carrier fantasy and get more subs.Also make K4 slbm operational.Brahmos A is a significant development.Helicopter acquisition and surface ship programmes are now on track thankfully.As is andaman base expansion.

Most importantly Agni 5 missile needs to be operationalized and numbers accelerated. With ASAT done this will be most fearful deterrent.

Nirbhay needs to be mass produced for cheap standoff power in NE.

MRSAM and S400 in NE.Build a secure grid.
Finally sukhois need upgrade to be able to beat the j11s Another 36-54 rafales and lca mk1a.
The problem is we cant get f35 ,and su57 is yet a failure.So we would be dependant on rafales and s400 as counter for their 5th gen fighters.And their inability to build proper reliable engines.India needs huge investment in IRST trackers for anti stealth.2 rafales from f4 version can do it.Not sure about f3r version which we can upgrade anyway.Superhornet blk3 with new long range irst can do it.We need a long range irst sensor on the MKI upgrade.