pakistani terrorism

  1. suryakiran

    BLA attack on Pakistani outpost - Battle of Marwar

    (NSFW) Extreme Close Quarters Battle At Pakistan Outpost (Part 1) A recent video release by the Pakistan separatist group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) reportedly documents a deadly raid against a Pakistan Frontier Corps outpost in Marwaar, in the vicinity of the Bolan Pass in Baluchistan...
  2. suryakiran

    Balakot : Hitting Where It Hurts

    The Pakistani Army is a state unto itself. The view that Pakistan is not a state with an army, but the Pakistani Army is an army with a State is not without merit. The way we deal with Pakistan needs to be seen from that perspective. Our failure to formulate a long term strategy at the military...
  3. suryakiran

    Terrorism Financing Research with respect to Pakistan

    This research paper linked the prices of Silver to terror attacks. It is an interesting perspective and concentrates on collection of funds, zakat tax and the 'link' between terror attacks. This paper is with specific attention to Pakistan. How does this work? The Quran requires that muslims...