1. Parthu

    Insights Into The United States' Indo-Pacific Policy & Outcomes

    by Prashant Jha, Washington DC - Hindustan Times Donald Lu, US assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, has hailed Sri Lanka as an example of the success of the administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy in collaboration with partners such as India, but warned both Delhi and Dhaka...
  2. S

    News Rohingya rebels ambush Myanmar soldiers

    Rohingya rebels attacked an army truck in Myanmar's restive Rakhine state and wounded five soldiers, state media said. A spokesman for the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) claimed responsibility for the ambush on Friday. "A vehicle ... was attacked by 20 insurgents from the mountain using...
  3. Aashish

    China’s “String of Pearls” and India's Two Front War Predicament : Analysis

    Analysis China’s “String of Pearls”: The encirclement of India & how to break the chakravyuh? By Aashish, Strategic Frontier Research Foundation Preface The world is seeing the rise of a new world order with economic interdependence and cooperation amongst different nations at a level...