1. Ashwin

    Explaining a Novel to Pakistani Intelligence

    Fear is a line in your head,” my dear friend Sabeen Mahmud used to say. “You have to decide which side you want to be on.” Mahmud paid the maximum price for her fearlessness. In 2015, she organized a public discussion in Karachi about the disappearances of political activists—she was an activist...
  2. S

    Is Chhota Shakeel dead? 2 versions of how he died, and an audioclip, surface

    Chhota Shakeel (full name Mohammed Shakeel Babu Miyan Shaikh), the trusted lieutenant of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, may be dead, according to an informant who reached out to Hindustan Times amid buzz in crime circles. Hindustan Times has in its possession an audio clip of a conversation...