1. Parthu

    2019 - A Big Year For Indian Military in Space

    The current year promises to bring much more than anyone could have expected with regard to Indian space applications of a military nature. The totally out-of-the-blue test of an ASAT weapon being case in point. In that spirit, I rounded up some of the important projects that have implications...
  2. Parthu

    US May Offer THAAD System to India to Block Russian S-400 Deal

    NEW DELHI: The United States may try to persuade India to consider its ballistic missile defence options in an attempt to keep it from pressing ahead with the S-400 deal with Russia. ET has learnt that the US could make ballistic missile defence an agenda point in the upcoming Indo-US 2+2...
  3. Ashwin

    Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme - Updates and Discussions

    India's homegrown supersonic interceptor takes down ballistic missile, landmark victory for DRDO BHUBANESWAR: India's attempts to develop a robust multi-layered Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) shield got further boost on Thursday when a homegrown supersonic interceptor successfully destroyed an...